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we gather at dusk,
semi-circle, a half shell,
a catcher’s mitt,
two hands, wrist to wrist, open
a receiving,
of what? our lines?
that which is already set?

commander, the seed, the grain
of sand, centred soleil,
roi d’une idée,
we elipse, nerve ourselves,
orbit, the kingdom come;

we gather at dusk, our tasks
clawed straws mustered, grasped,
never second guess
our orders,
all of that which is
ours to give,
all of that which is
—our making, our unravelling, our shelling or breaking—
the sand, the dust, Afghanistan,
the day as yet to come.

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Great photo and words to match! Pictorial Dichotomy : men trained to war in peaceful prayer. Thou shalt not kill – An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth;
Allah – Jaweh; Jesus – Mohammed; Right – wrong; good – evil. All in one country; all in our minds; world without end. Amen!

Nov 26 2008 · 09:24


actually hebridean, we were actually getting “our” orders for the next day… still, an interesting comment

Nov 26 2008 · 20:33


Which is a lesson to us all not to let our imaginations wander – especially in the wrong direction! I snap to attention, salute and march smartly to the dog house!

Nov 27 2008 · 03:53

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