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OMIK (now home) writes!

I’ve just heard from OMIK (Our Man In KAF)! he’s the young Cpl. who spent his war desk-bound in the bowels of KAF. at one point in his tour all his inter-office memos were written in haiku format. his Padre told him to send me some of his stuff and soon he was sending me a haiku or funny email every day just to keep my morale up. it worked. in a pretty grim part of my life he made me laugh out loud 1st thing every morning as I opened his emails. in November, months after he returned home, some of his KAF Haiku were performed by the fabulous young actor Joel Crichton during the In Arms event. they broke a sombre evening beautifully. Joel was the perfect young Cpl. at one point in the evening Joel mimed being inside a blue rocket writing an OMIK haiku, a lament at being jacked up by grouchy officers, on the walls of the rocket as graffiti. it was brilliant.

OMIK is back at another desk job, still in the army though, and he sent me the following lines. it’s the time in the “tour”, or more correctly, after the tour, when big decisions seem to be made- will I stay in the army or leave? will I go back to school? will I remuster? etc. thus OMIK’s haiku which dropped into my computer this morning. meanwhile I urge OMIK’s mother and girlfriend to continue to KYA (kick your ass) OMIK! great to hear from you.

I sit, terrified
The wind of change all around
The eye of the storm

Or version 2 of the same thing…

Flying helplessly
Adrift in the wind of change
Pray landing won’t hurt.

OMIK Feb 9/2011

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