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oh sure

so I sign off saying the “boys” are inside, their tour basically done and dusted, and I’m collapsing the site for now and THEN what happens? Timmy’s in KAF just about gets mortared. and the north gate attempted to be breached.

rc’d an email late last night saying the boardwalk was rocketed. not far from Tim’s. that’s where I was when the sirens went off last Nov. WTF (to use the vernacular). ours was only a short hour long affair. yesterday’s several hours (according to the paper this morning… all my intel is public-access)

to be honest, the whole time I was in KAF I had this eery sense that I was a guppie in a fishbowl and that any second, contrary to indicators, the jokes, the nonchalance, I felt a giant cat could put his giant paw into the water and chomp chomp any of us at any time. I mean, those are big fucking mountains with lots of good sites.

the past few days, talking to a mother of a soldier, a girlfriend of a soldier, a wife of a soldier, a father of a soldier, they’re so depleted. they feel alternately hollow, overfull, teary. I’m thinking that until they are in their arms, they won’t really be able to breathe. there’s apprehension too. who will he/she be. who will I be? how long after they get home before they’re themselves again.

the thing is, they are new people and it’s going to feel strange for them. they have seen and experienced so much (good and bad) and have stepped out of “normal” life for a significant period of their life. and as anyone whose every travelled extensively knows, when you come home everything has chugged along per usual and meanwhile you’ve changed so much. the transition and the catchup can be long and painful. or maybe natural. it will all depend on the personality.

a thought occurred to me. I’m not political in any of this. purposefully. that’s not my job. the world is filled with journos and analysts and spooks and war designers (I met 2 of them in KAF), but when I heard Tim’s was almost hit I wondered if HAD Timmy’s been mortared, if Canadians would actually become actively engaged in this war they’ve been sending their brightest and best into. I mean really engaged.

I’m not wishing harm to Timmy’s. am relieved that relatively speaking, the attack did not damage more. but I’m just wondering what it’ll take for Canadians to wake up to what IS. and right now, for our country, WAR IS.

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David Mallette

Until we talk again – our journey and duty continue to the last – for those who leave their families for a greater purpose – for the families left behind – your friend from across the land but close at heart

May 24 2010 · 20:34

R.M. Jacobs

Thank you

You flew out with them.
You walked with them.
You cursed with them.
You broke bread with them.
You shared their fears,
their lives and hearts.
You brought it back to us.
YOU became our lifeline to them.
Providing tangible words and emotions
that got caught in our throats
with fear and dread.
As we approach the finish
you now walk,
and break bread
with our anticipation.
When its over,
when they are home,
when breathing is a little less of a chore,
we will all celebrate in a proverbial group hug.
Cheers instead of tears flooding our paths
as I say now
“Thank you”
you gave a much needed voice,
awakened some silent voices,
as you walk
both sides of war.

May 27 2010 · 07:44

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