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Officially Dr. S.M. Steele!

Whewph, now that was a long-haul! But thanks to so very many colleagues, my supervisors, my family members, friends, and a Best Beloved, I made it. Through thick and very, very thin – the thinnest being the death of my beloved mother – I never quit. And I can attribute this Charlie Mike (Continue Mission) attitude, in part, to my time spent with the infantry, the battalion and battle groups, and the next-of-kin who taught me to never give up no matter how grim it got.

Writing a doctoral dissertation felt, at times, like my brain being squeezed through a toothpaste tube. It was an expanding experience and a humbling experience. Like war can be.

For those interested in looking at an abstract of my dissertation you can see it here. It’s under embargo for a year while a publisher mulls it over.

I did so many wonderful things during the doctoral experience – most of which you can read in this open notebook, my diary, a website filled with typos, bad writing, confessions, impressions, and day-to-day musings on a poet’s road to war.

Of all the things I have done perhaps one of the things I am most proudest of is this little video I made for the We Matter campaign. This campaign is urging suicidal youth to Charlie Mike even in the darkest hours. If we can save just one person from taking one’s life then all has been for the good. Originally intended to encourage Indigenous youth, the messages here speak to all of us.

So what comes next? Time to take down the website soon and start something new!!! There is a big project in the wings the details of which are tba. Two symphonies and a national museum are on board for the project. Let’s see what happens now. No matter what, I thank you all for visiting me, the thousands who have written to me. Oh and btw, Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation is coming to Toronto and to another major city at the same time. Hope to see you there.

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