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Off on Ex until mid-May

with the Battle Group, but before I go…

accompanied by the amazing Raving Poets band…

smsteele at the Edmonton Poetry Festival

see you there!

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Adrian Hill

Hello Ms. Steele,

Hopefully your flight has been a smooth one as you embark on this new phase of your adventure. I am taking this opportunity to write you a public “thank you” for providing Open School BC permission to include a copy of “Elegy for an Infantryman” and a thank you also to Hebridean for permitting the use of “Poppies.” I am very grateful that you took the time (two hours before your flight!) to correspond with me and send me a text version of the elegy.

We will be using the poems in the Poetry module of our English 12 course, which is designed for use by distance education students around the province. Though Open School does not develop the curriculum framework (learning objectives) that students must follow in BC, we do develop course materials which adhere to these standards.

At any rate, thank you again for your efforts, and all the best in your journey abroad.


Adrian Hill
Educational Project Manager
Open School BC

May 29 2009 · 12:41

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