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o my beloved country Happy Canada Day

still far from home, but not for long. I’ve hung the red and white maple leaf out front of my little piece of England. there it is fluttering, my home, against England’s little, soft, green hills.

in honour of our beloved country, here are some pics of some of some of the folks who roll up their sleeves, arrive on your doorstep with sandbags and shovels during floods, ice storms, fight forest fires, then pack their bags and go to other countries to help clean up after hurricanes, endure long sleepless days and nights standing on guard for thee. no shit.

oh ya, and they’re darned loyal. like these women who dragged their cars out of ditches having skidded on black ice, and made it on time for the premiere of the Req, and another who flew across North America to be there. thanks women for helping me, teaching, keeping me alive. thanks for remembering me so far away with your care packages, messages, your laughter, our shared tears.

thank you all of you, and you know who you are, for keeping us safe.

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