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for the other h

in the sand quiet divine, the this, this and this,
night watch in the LAV turret, alone CO,
only time will think;

you, cigars (ya you fuckers I’m here),
0300 hrs crystal cobs scattered across night—
who jangled this universe anyway?

stare, stare, breathe Afghanistan air
alive, thumb and forefinger this ringer alive,
inhale each lung, clear alveoli hunter;

the dust is so salty crisp to your lips,
stale camelbak water concentrated
steeped, transmogrified as

steel, cordite, brass bells of shells shall spit
like sunflower seeds on tomorrow’s long, long drive
(though now LAV canons, the arties wait);

you are always ready to knuckle down your AO,
know steelies crack crystal, crystal
cracks H-hour, at sunrise.

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