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Notes from PhD land: Read to your heart's content

well, apparently I’m supposed to be coming into third base, or second at least, in this baseball diamond called a PhD. I personally feel I’m more likely just in the batter’s box, time will tell. But in any case, one thing I know for certain, and that is there simply isn’t enough time to read all I must read, think all that I must think, then write all that I must write.

So I’m looking for volunteers! Well not really, but it would be interesting if folk out there felt like reading any of the amazing publications from the Great War available at this site, then type into the search box: World War I and see what is on offer. Dozens of books published during and immediately after the war, and now available online being out of copyright.
Tell me what they think of them. I love that we have access to so much that has been out of print for so long. Read away, then let me know what you think.

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