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Notes from PhD Land: Oxford!

have just received an invitation to read a paper in Oxford at the Centenary Conference, British Poetry of the First World War (2014). very flattered. I shall present on Mary Borden’s ‘Unidentified’ and promise that I shall punctuate properly, and Capitalize properly too! (but this website is my notebook so I shall continue here as I began…)

in early 2014 I will be showing some of my work in multi-media format as part of the centenary of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Centenary exhibit. the PPCLI art exhibit opens in Calgary in January, then travels to Edmonton in August I believe. other projects are developing, including, at long last, a manuscript of this work (thanks to young editor-in-waiting William D who patiently collates), publisher TBA.

but the main project remains… write the dissertation. 130,000 words to date, of which perhaps 30,000 are okay. ish.

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