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notes from PhD land, confession/omission

thinking much about women in war at present. reading about photographers, journalists, nurses, purple trades and how there are now women in the thick of things. I’ve met a few women infanteers, a few engineers (including the most amazing and respected CIED Sgt.), officers, and many, many medics, who worked out there in the desert.

recently I was looking at photos of a woman CIED engineer. she lay on her belly in the dirt and was extending a bayonet, scraping gently around the pressure plate of an IED in order to prepare it for being diffused. steady nerve. steady heart. these are the ones who walk TOWARDS the bomb. and this photo reminded me that I have consistently failed the women of the mission I believe, by omitting them.

my only excuse is I never worked alongside them. got to know them (except a woman officer, a wonderful soldier whom I call the Angel of the FOBs, a few medics, and some clerks).

I’d publish the photo but it doesn’t belong to me. but I can tell you this. that woman was there, did her job. came home to probably not tell the world what she’d done, where she’d been, how she is.

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