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human beings are wed to beginnings, middles and endings. Once upon a time. they say, they (whoever the hell they are) that this is what differentiates us from animals. a sense of time. past, present, future. (I’d argue this however).

currently I’m working on two major projects and am struggling with this idea of narrative as linear. story is as ancient as language. story, narrative fulfills something in us as human beings, and yet, who of us lives a linear life? most of us jump back and forth into memory, projection, desire, lament, joy… what is fear but memory?

and what is history but a consensual and debated narrative?

this war for Canada is coming to an end apparently. or at least I’m told by the newspapers and television. just this morning I’ve been contacted by the media to ask for reflections as an artist who has been there on this fact.

but here is the challenge. I don’t think a war ever really ends. or at least for several generations. it reverberates in the personal and political. nor do I think there is a beginning, middle and end.

it’s a year since TF 3-09 came home. most of them came home alive. 12 didn’t come back from A’stan, and some more didn’t make it past the 1 year mark. many came home wounded. most didn’t. and some have found themselves new lives and others are floundering. some of them have experienced great joy, others have experienced an ongoing death. 12 mothers struggle. 12 fathers. brothers. sisters. community…

it’s quite interesting spending time with young veterans as they spin experience into narrative. one just knows that as the years pass their narratives shall become entrenched. good and bad experiences. and ultimately, for them, no matter how good a life they live – and most DO live a good life – their war will never end.

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