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my fellow war artists

without a doubt, I have the best colleagues in the world. they are SO generous with their ideas, their time. I sent out a call to them as I wish to write about our very specialized, often fraught with personal danger, profession as I navigate PhD land. I sent out a blanket email and received the most amazing responses.

I’ll share my brilliant colleagues with you asap. I’ll ask permission to link you to them.

and I’ve been thinking about the title ‘war artist’ and wondering if it’s apt. because all of us have practices much wider than that (I previously wrote about life on a traditional croft raising sheep on the Outer Hebrides!). but I wonder if once one is a war artist one isn’t always one. maybe yes. maybe no. and this is a question I’d like to ask.

meanwhile, thank you colleagues. only you know what it’s like to sit in a LAV or in the belly of a Herc. or on a ship. or in the high Arctic. or Sudan. or Somalia. or…

and only you know how we risk for something we seem called to. quaint as that sounds.

thank you all of you

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Oh Suzanne, maybe, being a War Artist is like joining the Military. You sign on for a short contract, then if you really like it, you make it a career. If you don’t, you take your release. Fortunately, you can always use it on your resume. It will always be a part of you. TS

Feb 02 2012 · 19:22

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