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my ancestors

were soldats du Regiment Carignan-Salières
they married filles du roi
they married duty, courage
à la facon du pays
to this cold and hard
this brilliant green land

our country has forgotten
its warriors
amnesia, collective forgetfulness
neglect of respect
for the man I met last night
at the airport in civvies,
dressed like that because he can not trust
the ones he travels with to understand;
he buried his desert uniform
in his barrack box, did not
want fanfare, just wanted to hold his woman
get out of there so fucking fast,
his woman and I held him so damned tight
kissed him, said, “thank God your home alive”

and his eyes are pinpricks,
old guy’s at 32,
he lived in the dust
and blood of Afghanistan
not for money, because money
is never enough to get blown up for,
he walked something bigger,
our history maybe,
our place, because our country
makes damn good warriors,
because he’s a damn good warrior,

and there’s no goddamn shame
in that.

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