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more soldiers' words sent to me today

today I’m giving you this poem written by the father of a soldier who is deploying today. this will be the 20 year old soldier’s 1st deployment to Afghanistan.

When Everything Hurts…

When everything hurts,
you can fight against it
but it won’t do much good.
Knees, thigh muscles, and hips
will give in and you’ll still slump
with elbows on the kitchen counter
and wonder if it’s worth the effort
to stand up straight.
Nope. Better to rest here,
breathing slowly, enjoying
the easing of sore joints and muscles.
At some point you decide
you’d be better off lying down
Bed beckons and, in the end,
you just give in, lie down, stretch out
And sigh, hoping tomorrow
Will be a better day.

father of a Patricia

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