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more soldiers' words Sent to me today

This too was sent to me today. I thought that I met this soldier while on a patrol with the OC, Maj. Niven, Gen. Lessard, and entourage as they toured “Spin Boldak,” but soldier just corrected me and reminded me that I met him at Boston Pizza last week in beautiful downtown WWright… he and his buddies in civvies were relaxing over drinks and having a grand B.S. session. I spotted them as soldiers even before they opened their mouths… and once they started speaking, it nailed it for me… over the past year I’ve met many soldiers who draw, paint, whittle, invent, play music, design and write. One of the aims of this project is to get soldiers’ words/images out into the world.

Bones In The Wind

As the wind snakes through the trees I listen to the whispers it brings to me. It tells stories of ones lost and forgotten, shattered dreams, sundered hopes, homes that have been torn for all time.

The tales it tells me fall on deaf ears. My heart stoped when I breathed my last, my eyes just empty sockets. My body a grim reminder of things past.

Cpl. H/recce
Sask. Dragoons

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Well said, soldier! People forget that soldiers have souls. They are not just machines for fighting. Someone, much better than I once said, the pen is mightier than the sword; and they were right!

Jun 20 2009 · 13:07

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