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More Recipes for LAV Living... IMP Ranger Cookies

down at Spin Boldak last week, sitting in the “green room” waiting for my fellow Afghans to arrive for a day in the village, I met a soldier who actually demonstrated Range Coffee for us. Range Coffee, to remind the reader, is when the soldier opens a packet of rats (rations) instant coffee, slams it into his mouth, empties a packet of rats coffee whitener into mouth, a packet of sugar into mouth, all without swallowing, then takes a bottle of water, sucks back a mouthful, swishes contents of mouth to mix ingredients up, then swallows the whole mess. soldier then said, “it does the job and leaves a coffee flavour all morning.” soldier then gave me his recipe for IMP sugar cookies

IMP Ranger Cookies

makes one cookie

1 package rats sugar
1 package rats coffee whitener

take pack coffee whitener and dump out 1/4
put pack of sugar into coffee whitener pack
shake until evenly mixed
put pack over torch lighter or fire and heat for 1-0 Mikes (10 mins.)
sugar will caramelize and the whole thing will harden into a sugar cookie.

serve with Ranger Coffee


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Douglas Hill

How can we poor civvies get our hands on these wonderful ingredients?

Jun 19 2009 · 10:54


when do you head over to Afghanistan? ‘sounds like soon.

I like the sound of that cookie too :-)

Jun 20 2009 · 16:39

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