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More Recipes for LAV Living... IMP Blueberry Ice Cream

Another rations recipe from those fab. cooks of Delta Coy! a little treat for those extra hot days sardined into the LAV, out in the desert of Suffield or Wainwright

IMP Blueberry Ice Cream

take 1 package crushed blueberries rats
mix with 2 packages rats coffee whitener
add 2 packages rats sugar

= blueberry ice cream

(apparently it really does taste like blueberry ice cream… the temperature is notional however)

serve with

sms’ LAV iced-mocha

pour 1 1/2 cup clean water into IMP plastic bag-cup
add 2 packages rats instant coffee
add 1 package rats coffee whitener
add 1/2 package rats hot chocolate (or to taste)
add notional ice cubes
shake like mad until a nice head of foam appears
sprinkle a little whitener and hot chocolate over foam

drink and grab a book because with this much caffeine in your system, you probably won’t sleep tonight… but there’s nothing new with that anyway is there? besides, you’re just going to be up in 4 hours to start the 48 hour live-fire Ex…. or so I’ve been told…

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