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morale booster

since the first warrior left home and was stationed somewhere, e.g., maybe miserable sentry duty on top of a lonely outpost with only a wolf cub, the howling wind, and icy sleet for company, “care packages”, little tastes of home, have been sent out.

I remember hiking along Hadrian’s Wall and coming across a tiny museum. in the museum they had “letters” (on wood) written home by Roman soldiers stationed on the wall. the letters asked for underwear, food, socks (thus beginning that British male tradition of wearing sandals and socks!). unfortunately for these Roman soldiers, the British post forgot their mail, as it was discovered 1400 years later!

but one can imagine the joy a Roman soldier would have upon receiving a pair of hand-knit socks, a jar of olive oil (well wrapped in the socks perhaps to avoid breakage), some sweet dates, and sprig of rosemary, and perhaps a letter of sorts from home. even an X.

I myself have sent packages into the field and into theatre. chocolates. a little bottle of Bailey’s. photographs. a book, cigars… and other lovely treats (oh yes!)

I never expected to receive a “care package” to me, esp. here in “the field” as I write my work (and I submitted a ragtag Chapter and am meeting for the first time on it with my supervisor today and fully hope to have help with my focus)

so today what a wonderful, WONDERFUL, and GENEROUS surprise to find a gorgeous care package addressed to me and sitting at the Porter’s “lodge” this morning. a box from a soldier pal with whom I’d been at Suffield, and saw in A’stan, and back home again.

inside was a bottle of maple syrup!!!!, Xmas chocs., jelly beans, perfume, Starbucks Xmas blend coffee, a lovely little red cardinal Xmas ornament, a lovely card, and an EIGHT PAGE HANDWRITTEN LETTER on Hogwarts stationary!!!

what can I say, but T.S…. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

my morale is up, up, Up thanks to you!

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