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Men's Dinner in the Hangar (Christmas 2008)

if you’re watching this, you’ll notice this changes several times a day… I’m not happy with it at all, but I’ll keep pushing at it and will maybe leave it or trash it… but not yet… I guess this demonstrates the sketchbook quality of this site

o corporal, o sergeant, o warrant,
your dustless, pressed uniform, brassy dress
shoes, medals—General Campaign Star, GCS,
crossed swords, gold compass, north south east west,
Afghanistan’s, black, white, tan, red ribbon
Adversus Magnum Pugnamus
corpse-less as the chair that leans empty
into the head table, place-set for 2006.
This cold December, your presence patrols
among brothers; they drink stories of you
table-to-table. Moosemilk, spiced rum, ration
of beer. The ones who went over that year,
the ones just signed up, hours clicking fast
as camera shutters, on new hero shots.

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