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Mametz Wood 2014

for J

‘the shelling and weathering have “cultivated the land”’
~‘The Flora of the Somme Battlefield’. Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. v. 1917, No. 9/10, pp. 297-300

at Mametz Wood I lay under the canopy of ash
and oak, tangle of rose-bay willow undergrowth
upon the prickly bed, no moss, yet softness
still, still, but for birds and hunters’ gunfire
across the valley called the Somme.

at Mametz Wood I lay & filmed the green and earthy
sky, hives of wild bees, tiny flies, still, I lay,
the arms of undergrowth cradled me, so I could listen,
hear, those bantering birds, the dragonfly, and thunder sky
of gunfire across the valley called the Somme.

later, in Peronne I lay, in my hotel bed and your arms
so far away cradled memory soft and green and new
as undergrowth of Mametz Wood, not mossy, still,
clean and sweet, as your voice, your body naked next to me,
and I was ​safe from hunters’ gunfire thundering
across the valley called the Somme.

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