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can fix anything anywhere anytime. make things from scratch. from metal, fabric, plastic. invent is their middle name. I like them. they have an ease in the world knowing that if something breaks down, they’re good to go, self-reliant.

I’d go camping with a maintainer any day of the week. or season for that matter. if it were winter there’d no doubt be a gucci wood stove. summer, some sort of A/C rigged up. probably using a car engine or a series of batteries. maybe even something solar because maintainers are the original tinkerers. inquisitive, they read everything about anything to do with how things might work.

right now, here on the big prairie, disaster struck double. leaking roof and dodgy plumbing that started gurgling unspeakable things into the bathtub. (don’t ask).
so I put in a call to the prairie maintainers. a pair from the Hutterite colony nearby. two blond, blue-eyed men. capable. able to fix anything anywhere anytime.

and now I’ve almost got hot and cold in every tap. something this 1925 classic prairie cottage (probably and Eaton’s kit house) hasn’t had for 20+ years.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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