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Lt Andrew Nuttall

Lieutenant Nuttall was serving as 12 PlatoonCommander in D Company of the Task Force 3-09 Battle Group. He was killed by an Improvised Explosive Device on 23 December 2009.

soldiers die. this is part of the job description. even for bright, smiling, welcoming, friendly young officers, who had a smile even for a poet (a poet? what the fuck is a poet doing out here?) who wanted to hitch a ride in a LAV or ask too many questions, or just sit around seemingly doing nothing.

my immediate image of Lt. Nuttall is of him at Wainwright in May, focused, really professional, smiling, energy. was it of him in the nightly CUB? the PSS outside Spin? where? so many thousands of images in my 18 months with these guys. I think I last saw him when I slapped some spuds on his plate out at the front. I say I think, because one night 200 hungry, dirty, exhausted soldiers showed up for dinner (we expected far fewer), and we scrambled for food. officers eat last. I greeted every one of them with a “how’s it going”. they move quick. little time for anything more than a greeting. still, you learn a lot about how things are going by being on the other side of the food lineup. it’s in their eyes. and that night, something was tough. in the early morning they were off again.

last night I wrote my contact after hearing the news. devastated. all last year as I watched the battallion, then the battle group, then task force prepare, I looked around me, silently asked the question, “will it be you? or you? or you?”

my contact replied early this morning that soldiers understand the danger, grieve in private, carry on, but that the Regiment, the big family, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, never forgets.

it’s so hard for those who have never travelled the road to war to understand what this means to lose one’s comrade. Lt. Nuttall was not my comrade, I am not a soldier, I am the mere watcher, but what I can tell you is that though they might carry on, continue putting one foot in front of another, soldiers suffer.

Lt. Nuttall, you will not be forgotten, thank you for everything

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So many lives lost to the hidden enemy; so many voids in so many lives, in so many places. ‘Death is not welcomed – Death is a thief’

Dec 24 2009 · 12:19


He was a true hero, fighting for freedom.

Dec 24 2009 · 14:43


He was a great friend, whom I will so miss. He is at Peace, came and did his job. He is a true HERO!

Dec 24 2009 · 19:14

andrew nuttall

after reading this i am proud to be called the same name, to my family you and all soldiers out there who have fallen will allways be in our thoughts.

Dec 26 2009 · 06:16


Although I never knew this young soldier, it seemed the right thing to do to google his name and learn a bit about him and the life he sacrificed for all. After finding his flickr site and looking through his pictures I felt his joy in life and pride in being Canadian. A great sadness for his family’s loss – and at this particular time of year, devastating.

Dec 26 2009 · 10:18


I am so impressed with the qualities of this young man, this soldier….and can’t possibly begin to express how sad I am that he and so many other fine young Canadians are lost to this dreadful war…that he and the others will never live out their own lives, nor comfort their parents and grandparents as they age, nor be partners and parents themselves, are now unable to offer their considerable gifts, citizenship and service to social needs at home. I despise war and truly regret the loss of some of our finest young citizens.

Jan 05 2010 · 23:41


Rest in peace Nutts. thanks for kicking my butt at Crossfit. I may never complete the workouts in the times you did, but you motivated me to always finish and try my best.

I’ll miss you man.

Jan 07 2010 · 16:58


Nutman, it has been 3 weeks, and I still find my thoughts wandering to you and your sacrifice. I miss our chats more now than I ever have before.

Jan 13 2010 · 13:34

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