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little corner of england (25)

through the buried garden, demi-walled, over mossy stone fallen. foundations where the glass house stood, the place where melons and pineapples once grew.
over the hollow footfall sound. under which lies an ice house. where they stored carrots and potatoes, beets, the red earth, good red earth gave up each Fall for the big house. long mahogany table. the big house rented out for weddings and business conferences now.
across the garden. O England anew in this turning time. new scholar, tall beneath gangled trees, fresh falling ticker tape autumn all around him. yellow. lemony leaves. he walked her through.
imagine him in great coat. or maybe khaki. running, running. with kit bag. helmet. ceramic plates. frag. pulled out of the desert. pulled out of the Somme. imagine him.
see him. now.

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