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little corner of England (22)

Green Park Bomber Command Memorial, London 2012

Sun unblessed, only rain and grey and seeping grass,
no dust, no ash, just Blue and White flowers,
letters, photographs of tired Canadian boys
in delirious sepia blue uniforms, clingfilm wrapped
as if plastic could protect them from a wet, not firey, death.
P/O John Charles Monteith, Captain of a Stirling bomber
Brantford boy age 20, RCAF
Eric Alder 1945, mother never got over
the loss of her only son,
Longing, what-ifs, scatter maple leaf flags
red roses at the feet of fly boys, kitted for flight,
cast in bronze—though the sculptor added far too many years,
too many pounds to metal bodies of those half-grown
skinny gum chewing prairie, maritime, coastal boys—
they flew (as my old friend Frank did) out of Bristol, York,
in Mosquitos, Spits, Lancs, out of Bodman Moor,
down soggy English runways with easy grace
sometimes drunk, always alone with their radios,
their bomber crew.

O what would they think if they could see
a little corner of Green England, a foreign field,
planted for them with bleached white rock,
cast bronze, the chiselled Portland stone?

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Where are you ma belle?

Jul 21 2012 · 21:18


je suis ici comme toujours!

Aug 15 2012 · 12:08

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