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little corner of England (20) 3nd draft

In the Archives *

James Farrar’s words are pasted, bound,
his letters loop black ink against onionskin, the sky,
the all clear, this boy’s letters show no fear just the known:
little corner of England, little England in May. is to die for—
the mourning doves, the pearl grey haze above Bodmin Moor;
bluebells really do grow in the woods;
he was always meant to fly.

Refuse elegy. Transgress the patent
all war poetry is not despair.
he flew into a life now pasted bound,
his maroon notebook now
grounded in the archives, alive
in letters looped, black ink against onionskin

his sky.

*James Farrar was a WWII pilot and poet who died, age 21, on a routine mission over the English Chanel in 1944. His papers are in the University of Exeter Archives.

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