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letters from the mail bag

wow, I say I’m finished with the gathering, the “research”, that I’m not going to post anything else etc., and I get grumbles from the peanut gallery.

this afternoon I came home from a 25 km hike, poured myself a little fino (that delight from jerez), opened up the mail bag, and there was an email from the T-Man! T-Man!

T-Man, if you’ll recall, is someone I met at WWx almost 2 years ago. he’s ex infantry, now a firefighter. my sister made it her mission last year when T-Man was deployed in A’stan to send me funny things to forward to him. it was her war work.

well T-Man is my go-to guy on certain mil. issues. I can’t go into details (don’t worry, nothing to do with NATIONAL SECURITY I guarantee), but let’s say T-Man as always, has come through with flying colours with advice.

anyway, T-Man told me he checks out the site and there hasn’t been anything about him for a long time. so I rattled through the old pics from ’09 and found this one of him SMOKING on sentry. “don’t tell my kids or my old lady or I’ll be in deep shit” he said, “I quit smoking 10 years ago. they don’t know I started again.”

oops T-Man, are you busted yet?!!

here’s to you T-Man for making me laugh, and better yet, giving me REALLY GOOD ADVICE. the poem is in the mail!!!

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