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letter from KAF

just received a letter from KAF. from my friend the Padre. and Padre says it’s hot in the day, cold at night. stinky as hell. and his favourite time of day is dawn and dusk when birds come out to sing.

birds come out to sing in KAF at dawn and dusk.

birds come out to sing.

outside the wire he’s busy. repairing _____ in a boys _____. the other _____, the one for ____s is totally gone. the ____s and their ______s stay home now. afraid to go to ______. afraid to have _____ thrown on their ____ or worse.

Padre writes that he’s happy busy repairing the _____. and then stopping in for his “hi, how are you”, doing his rounds, checking in on everyone. not overstaying his welcome.

and he’s got 2 ramp ceremonies under his belt. already.

but his favourite time of day, is dawn and dusk
when birds come out to sing.

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