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lazarus 54 (naiads after war)

with sniper’s sight you watch us step
from flowery dresses, slip naked
into cool green, a spring-fed lake.

through water-lilies bobbing
lemon-white with each breast stroke
lily palms wave in our swimmer’s wake

you watch, you watch,
stealth and stalk your normal trade,
as water weeds tickle-tangle creep

from the sludge and scum beneath,
pull at Annie’s and my feet,
but our legs, our bodies are strong

(besides, we can see the bottom
the fallen logs, slimy brown
nesting place of leeches, frog spawn)

onto our backs we laugh at scum,
stretch girl/mother bodies out,
heads back. Annie’s hair, a water halo.

there is atmosphere here, a sky
filled with dragon-flies gossy gold
blue snaps of thundering light

into the water,
after us, you, sniper,
reccie done, you slide.

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only a sniper will know when the sights/sites are perfect! only an artist knows when the mind’s eye lines up with the stars…

Feb 16 2014 · 11:44


Brilliant!!!! Such a vivid description; I wish I was there. Can such a place be real?

Feb 26 2014 · 16:54

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