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lazarus (41) 2nd draft

gave give gave give
minds and mind
hearts and hearts no soul
(only third-rate poets style soul babe)
Lazarus hey ya hey ya hey
black beads black beads eyes
lover o lover
hey ya hey ya Lazarus
this is the telling the painting
on the buffalo hide of our war hey ya,
see the hot whiskey
down your throat hey ya
see the fireside
the wood stove hey ya
you chopped her wood
see the desert hey ya
where you patrolled
see my body hey ya hey
your whiskey in the desert hey ya
the desert some needy bitch made
hey ya Lazarus hey ya
my body your whiskey hey ya
where you recovered
from her betrayal hey ya
over and over again
your soul hey ya hey
(tho only third-rate poets style soul babe).

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