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lazarus (5)

and she wandered in the desert
the red desert, followed camel tracks,

tracks that criss-crossed and twisted
like cloven double-helices;

in parallel she walked,
carried their ruck through the desert

of his, of her PTSD;

she searched for wells,
deep wells filled with clean blue waters,

compassion, compassion sweet
as dates, ripe, sun-dried;

in the desert she ate wild honey,
locusts, prayed to her God,

prayed for/to Lazarus,
for God’s, His mercy

His mercy to fall upon them,
mercy to fall

upon them like plum blossoms
upon them like fresh, spring rain.

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Alex VanderWoude

For some reason this piece reminds me of some of the Psalms in the Bible, and not just because of the name Lazarus. I’ll bet that’s not a coincidence. Or maybe it was obvious from the start, and I’ve just clued in!

Apr 07 2011 · 14:38

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