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lazarus (26)

V. officinalis, “Devil’s Bane” or “Holy Herb”, a healing herb said to have been used to staunch Christ’s wounds

when you left, I saw you pocket my soap,
little disc, clean, white vervaine
cast by hand in Le Puy, France
on Compostela’s pilgrim route;

you pocketed the scent of our first night
lemony sweet and tart
the long-drawn bath, verveine skin lotion,
your hands, your lips, our pilgrimage;

verveine down the route my back,
verveine in the vineyard of our hips,
verveine across the Pyrenees of your warrior shoulders,
verveine the blessed meseta of clean, white sheets;

a few weeks later, you were in the field again
the LAVs are in mud up to their axels you wrote,
shitshow! everything’s über-fucked
so I mailed you a care package—

Fleury’s book, a dozen chocolate kisses,
your favourite photo of me, fresh cut rosemary,
a single black stocking, oh yes just one,
and a bar of vervaine, perfect little, white, soap.

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