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lazarus (15)

Christ is in the details she said to him
bent over him asleep, kissed his eyes awake.

at the foot of the bed, a basket she packed
for a New Year’s Day:

black chocolate
green grapes
Brie, Oka, aged cheddar,
a gorgeous baguette

outside, the Thompson river
trickled through ice
though it was deep winter.

through coastal mountains
she drove curves tight,
he snoozed, they chirped
and the sun was unseasonably warm.

by a frozen lake he took out their tiny stove,
bought for another day in the snow,
on a snow bank, made espresso.
he found Italian shades
left by revellers the night before
partying under stars. they fit her perfectly.

after war. when the real war begins,
little details. good food. love,
so unexpected.

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