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Lazarus (12)

I want to love again you wrote. exquisite. cursive. rows on rows. a note. little beauty. kisses. snowshoes. snow flakes. ice. kisses. lips, tracers cool on her naked skin. she let you in. she let you in. blue. tattoos. a lightening bolt. PATRICIA. Airborne. I want to love again oh God I want to love again. your lips beneath the surface.

you took her axe, split her winter wood. until the axe of four o’clock split your jaw. and Afghanistan’s axe which had split your skull wedged in. and the faithless’ axe split your breastbone. your breastbone axed. your heart axed. and the axe axed.

leaves. crisp. sweet. autumn. rotting. soft. soft. you could smell them again. with her you could taste them. Christ with her you could roll them on your tongue. feel crunch. delicious. breathe.

leave her bed at 5 am. dress in the dark not to wake her. boots. temperates. uniform.
boots. shiny. black. polished. perfection.

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