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juxtaposition of photos in today’s G & M.

page A 4, KAF ramp ceremony for two bright young savers (medics). escorts/pall bearers in deserts. the best friend at the back of the casket carrying the pillow that bears the cap, the badge of the fallen.

page A 5, photos of protesters at the G20 in Toronto.

top photo of looters walking through broken glass window. highend gear (jeans, skater shoes, bermuda shorts, hiking shoes, hoodies). one guy carries a lamp from the store. another is smashing a window. another is looking through the window as if he is shopping for what he’ll grab.

bottom photo. woman holding her arms up while talking to the cops. she makes a peace sign. she’s dressed in shorts, a T, has a big purse. poss. a scarf that means something, around her arm.

one of the looters is covering his face with the same type of schmawg that the young medics would cover their faces with in Afghanistan. to keep out dirt and dust.

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Dave Mallette

Events parenthetically preceded and succeeded by our bravest coming home in a box – the irony is acidic – my perspective has been shaken – stirred – blended and vomited out in front of me – all I can do is try to see the message in the pool of media that my stomach just couldn’t digest any longer – it will take some time before I can see the lesson in all of it

Jul 05 2010 · 18:13

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