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Infantry Lessons

1. Sleep when you can
2. Eat when you can
3. Piss when you can
4. Have sex when you can
5. Laugh when you can
6. Obey orders
7. Run like fuck

to which Scott Waters, fellow war artist and ex-infantryman adds:

8. Keep your head down (from both enemy and NCOs)
9. And remember, Pointy-end first.

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Thanks – needed those reminders!

Feb 11 2009 · 15:34

Lori Garcia-Meredith

What a life of opposites you have at this moment: balancing the poignant endings with the pointy ends.
Miss you dancing.

Feb 11 2009 · 17:30


Our unarmed combat instructer used to say to us, “No matter how good you think you are; how fast; how strong; it’s the guy who gets the first kick into the nuts who always wins!”
Lesson one , however, was always “Dodge the bullets; you live longer that way!”
Being able to run like hell also helps!

Feb 13 2009 · 14:42


Don’t worry about the bullet with your name on it – it’ll find you no matter what. Worry about all the bullets with “to whom it may concern” on them.

Keep up the great work!

Feb 28 2009 · 03:14

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