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In Memory of Capt. Jonathan Snyder

today is the 3rd anniversary of Capt. Jonathan Snyder’s death in Afghanistan. his mother Anne corresponds with me and is coming to see me in July. his father sent me a book of poetry and participated in the In Arms Project.

Anne wrote to me yesterday and told me they’ve attended ceremonies. on Friday she will be presenting a bursary in her son Jonathan’s name to a young high school graduate. three years. three lifetimes.

soon it will be four years since our family lost our 26 year old. our big extended family will never be the same. we womenfolk have not gathered in quite the same manner since. we used to get together and talk and laugh until we were hoarse. this doesn’t happen any more. holidays are skirted around. soon the younger sister will be older than the one we lost. younger sisters aren’t supposed to grow older than older sisters. we know what it is to lose one of our young.

I’m reprinting this poem by Capt. Snyder’s father. my condolences to the Snyder family. these words were sent to me by Anne.

Capt. Jonathan Snyder, SMV, at age 26, June 7, 2008 while he was on his second tour in Afghanistan (OMLT: training the ANAs). He was part of 1 PPCLI – based in Edmonton, although originally from Penticton BC where he was born and raised.

Penned by Jonathan’s dad, David B.J. Snyder, shortly after Jon’s death. L.H. Ranch is where Jonathan grew up in Penticton. He had ‘adopted’ two small puppies while training a company of Afghan National Army soldiers.

Cottonwoods at Lone Hand Ranch

June 2008, no summer in Penticton yet;
the rain last week more like March or November.
Last night it hailed, then poured for six wet hours.

In Summerland, the apricots froze.
This is the coldest June on record this centennial year;
and at LH Ranch all the trees are down,
all the cottonwoods have been cut, dumpstered and removed.

And east of Zhari two dogs whimper,
Await their master who is not there;
and at the airport in Kandahar a soldier is ramped home.
His photo on the ‘National’;
his life, beauty, presence removed by chance
like cottonwoods at Lone Hand Ranch.

DBJ Snyder
June 2008

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