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I knew you in this dark (before Afghanistan)

(for Lt Andrew Nuttall, d. 23 December, 2009 Panjwai)

They seek me, reach me, your next-of-kin,
that I might have caught shadows of you

with words woodcut, blocked, crosshatched,
ink to bring you back. But mine are blunt

crude digital shortcuts. Not even onionskin
or sturdy stock to fold into anything useful—
a tissue for weeping, an origami crane
to be fashioned into a funeral program.

I cannot bring back your tallness, blond hair,
scrappy WWx moustache, or you so cut (!)
stripped to the waist lifting weights at dusk.

Nor half-life of sunset CUBs with the OC,
the RSM, the brothers. Nor you pulling out your field book
taking down orders, reading us your careful notes.

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