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I hear from them still

once in awhile I get a phone call, an email, a FB message from one of them. OMFIK (Our Man Formerly In KAF) has been in touch recently and as always, makes me laugh out loud with one of his haikus. I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing his latest:

This St. Patrick’s Day
Wasted doing BFT
Fornicate my life

way back, or rather, back in the day as they like to say, OMIK – when he WAS Our Man In KAF – used to send me a haiku almost every day. KAF being 12 hours ahead of us, I’d wake up every morning and open my email and laugh out loud at the words typed by the young clerk pulling long shifts, dodging senior NCO’s, the boredom of the paperwork of war, and the dust and whiffy smells off the poo pond. I was so grateful to OMIK for making me laugh. still am.

in 2010, when Alice Major, Mike Gravel and I organized the In Arms project, and we staged it with Kevin Kerr directing, the very talented young actor Joel Crichton performed some of OMIK’s KAF Haikus. and they were not only funny, they were poignant, and oh so welcome amidst the heavy load of words performed that night.

this week as we looked at Isaac Rosenberg’s work I told my class how humour and pranks keep soldiers going. and I was reading T.E.Hulme’s letters from 1914-1918 this morning and he writes about seeing a single small tree, the only living thing on a battlefield he traversed, a battlefield scarified by man-made thunder and fire, pocked and pitted by shells, dead horses, dead men, an anti-landscape landscape. and on the lonely tree a hand written sign saying, “Kew Garden, Keep Out”! some smartass soldier, war-tired, war-worn, took a moment to write that sign. provoke a laugh in the grimmest of grim that could possibly be served out. and a hundred years later I read of this, and as with OMFIK’s haiku, I laughed out loud.

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