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I don't endorse products etc. but I'm happy to shine light

as Canada prepares to pull out, what will happen to fledgling industries such as this Canadian perfume project and the women’s needlework co-op in Kandahar? (I bought an Afghan dress from a woman who had just given birth to her 13th child. the money was welcome. the dress beautiful.)

I’m not political about A’stan, that’s not my job, but I do state outright that girls should be able to go to school, teachers should be able to teach school without being beheaded (I met a Maj. who saw the heads of teachers in a ditch outside their school), children and women should be able to get healthcare etc. (apparently when the battalion entered a few villages they found children with severe health problems such as spina bifida that could have been cured but were left to neglect.)

before opium took over, A’stan was one of the world’s largest producers of dried raisins, almonds

and I’m not naive. north americans buying stuff doesn’t cure the world’s problems. but one never knows what a little creativity can do at the human rather than national level.

check this out: the seven virtues perfume

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