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this site is so uneven, so terribly serious (for obvious reasons). I apologize for this, esp. to the pers. on the ground. because it does them a disservice for me not to recognize, not to try and convey the role of humour and the tremendous senses of humour one finds among the troops. in all the time I spent with the infantry (and a short glimpse of the arties.) only once did I not hear laughter. and that was just before the big Op… out in X. everyone was busy and apprehensive, it being their first full-on.

lately a soldier serving in A’stan has been sending me poetry for the In Arms project. this guy is hilarious. absolutely hilarious. receiving a few emails from him I laughed out loud at his turn of phrase and realized that one of the things I enjoyed most hanging with the men and women was their humour.

and their language. so f’ing funny. and when I start digging through my dozen or so diaries from the past 2 years I’ll post some of the uniquely soldieresque words (e.g. über-cock… as in, “having to go through work-up training for the third time was über-cock” ). and someone is always taking the piss out of someone. (I’m thinking a certain Maj. with a wicked sarcasm that gets everyone laughing). very, very funny.

but this is the thing, I can never, ever write their humour. all I can do is urge them to write it. and I know there’s a certain degree of “inside” to their humour and language, but it would be really great if the outside world had a glimpse at it.

anyway, I’m going to encourage that soldier over there to keep writing. his words can say way more than mine could ever.

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