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tonight I attended a talk by an ex-British army officer (Bosnia, Iraq, A’stan) at the Reform Club. Frank Ledwidge, author of Losing Small Wars, (Yale Press) had much to say, not easy to do I’m sure, but he spoke his truth and he spoke passionately.

I listened to Ledwidge’s take on the British involvement in A’stan and remembered the British boys I would sit next to in the messes in KAF. sunburned. sometimes jokey. sometimes silent. I remember heading out the gate in a Coyote and looking at the British lads heading out in front of us. the Canadian Capt. driving me just shook his head as the Brits drove away in vehicles seemingly so exposed compared to our LAVs.

SRO tonight, I sat between a WWII Resistance fighter, and a young ex-officer who sustained serious injuries in Iraq. the latter is a poet I’m told. I hope to read his work. we talked at length about our studies.

sitting between those men – the young and the elder – I felt humbled, so privileged, to be in the company of greatness, the greatness of courage, the greatness of will to survive.

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