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hooligan kit (from May Day)

walled in, hescoe’d, 3’ thick, hand-built PTSD,
your war > than mine, your fall > deadlier+

but hey, we’ve got a hooligan kit, wire cutters
snip, snip, snip, let light slip inside. laser. beam.

are you there?
am I there?
fuck! is there a there?
turn the goddamn light out. they’re watching. from behind those Canadian trees.

6’2, 225 lbs your fall, rockstar-rockslide,
epic (our 14 year olds say) avalanche;

ice age,
glacial, could it be otherwise?


in our hooligan kit, an axe, a pick
slash slash slash, tick tick, tick,

faces beneath the glass surface of ice mouthing
“get me out get us out get me out of here”

frozen heart = too much memory
IED wiggly-wires, metal-plates exposed after big rains,

your wounded, your dead+
incoming, shitshow on the home front
again (who are you calling a Princess Princess?)

in our kit look! coeur, court, courage, courageant
heart, run, couraging, running with heart,

our ancestors paddled centuries
blue-green rapids, buffalo grasslands
hey up

warrior pierce your breast


me: Sitrep Locstat please
you: g2g, always g2g

misery bowl of valley, green Suffield mud
another wet Ex, another road to war

you, again,
breaking down others’ chaos

chaos, breaking it down
like cardboard boxes

emptying, stacking,

you, buying bitching boys Timmies
(double double/donut holes) on your own dime

you dig in alongside
pull no rank fixing, always fixing

chaos 1 shitshow
chaos 2 fuckup
chaos 3 übercock
chaos 4 some higher-up’s ego

hooligan kit: paracord, rope, matches


cardboard boxes of ass-pain


your body broke
68 jumps (you said you died every time)
24 years humping 70 lbs of gear
Bosnia, Croatia, A’stan (2x)
lead, prove, strive, lead, prove, strive
old man at 42

your heart
certifiably cracked in two

but it’s done now baby
it’s done

our hooligan kit: the soft slide
beneath cocoa coloured blankets

it’s -40 C outside,
then a pen

sign on the dotted

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