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He's Come Home Again (2nd draft)

for Cpl. Darren James Fitzpatrick 3 PPCLI, wounded March 6, 2010 Afghanistan, died, March 20, 2010, Edmonton, Alberta,

Sweet sting the prairie spring he’s come home again,
moon dust Afghanistan washed from his face,
their embrace falling over him like rain
like prairie rain pushing pushing blue flax,
tiny blades of grass, the fox feathering
newborn wheat. Return brown hawks, circle, ring,
conquer earth as he/they conquer earth
terror, despair, fatigue, the poison air
of KAF, ricochet, near miss, glanced bullet
shot hot, his awful step into the wire nest
of late Afghan winter—he tried so hard to hang on
to a new spring. Now comes the petalling,
now comes the scattering, season emptied
forever. Now comes the never shall be.

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