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heading out

slowly they’re trickling home. still, there are a lot of breaths being held. they’re not all back yet. not by a longshot. every step in country counts

preparing for readings, meetings etc. back east and having to reread a lot of my writing, trying to think what people might like to hear me read.

“read from May Day” says one of my faithful who has stuck with me the whole way.

and I shall Doug, I shall.

I look at this open notebook WHICH IS ALL BETA, unedited, as real time as poss. and remember what an earlier interviewer asked me when I told her I was opening my “research” book to the public.

“isn’t it risky to put unedited ideas, work out there?” she asked.

risky? it’s only writing. and besides, as I’ve said over and over again, art is like ordinance, it takes thousands of rounds of practice before coming anywhere near the target. rereading the thousands of words I’ve posted, I’ve come close to the target maybe in a single line or two. nothing more.

and anyway, I’ve witnessed real risk. I’ve watched them kit up, head out into the black Afghan night on patrol. 21 years old. weighted down with 70+ lbs of gear. heading into grape fields, down roads seeded with explosives. 21 years old thinking they’ll live forever.

then there’s the desert diver I know. he walks TOWARDS wires and explosives.

so what are a few crappy words hastily written on a laptop and posted without polishing in comparison to that?

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once again, right on! and write on …

May 08 2010 · 14:42

Alex VanderWoude

“…what are a few crappy words hastily written on a laptop and posted without polishing …?”

As close as some of us get, I’m afraid. We sure aren’t getting it from the regular media.

May 10 2010 · 15:37

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