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From the mailbox today!

“Dear Dr. Steele:
My pupils and I are preparing a dramatic presentation for Remembrance services next Friday. We’d very much like to use your very beautiful Rawa Tander as part of that presentation. May we? It strikes me as a very honest and powerful reflection, coming as it does from a fresh point of view.
And congratulations on your thesis defense. We hope to use your poem with some other pieces from the work of Graves, Sassoon, Owen and Binyon, together with some modern letters we’ve collected.”

How interesting. I’ve never had a request for Rawan Tander before. I asked for a video or recording

I’m glad to know my work is still reaching the young ones. I really DO need to get my act together and publish a collection, but a doctorate, a war requiem, raising a daughter, moving continents, losing a mother (heart-breaking), and other wonderful and shitty things on the home front has rather taken precedence.

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