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from the mail bag

I’m digging out. trying to cull, organize. thousands of contacts/emails/letters. here’s one I forgot I ever received. a little spike of energy for this poet who is dragging, dragging, these days. fatigue. fatigue. like Marley’s chains.

(note, I’ve had over 63,000 hits)

Contact Enquiry Warpoet.ca May 2009
It’s time.
Maybe it’s time to give back to you after 18 and half thousand hits.
Thank you.

You want to know who I am or not.
I’m a woman.
I prefer to spend time telling how you deconstructed the strict view I had of what a poet should be.

I’m not a poet.
You have much more accurate stories that you can tell .
Those“half-hits” like you said are those that makes me think the most….I wonder if…I’m with the pups when you’re telling them their bedtime stories.
I’m in the mother LAV.
I smell the coffee.
I’m feeling something ….You have compassion, you translate it.
Your experiences are real, complex, raw and felt .
Your sketchbook is full of life, real life….

I’m not a soldier.
But if I was, I would have the same willingness to confide in you.
You inspire calm, confidence, trust and sincerity.
No wonder why so many soldiers have given you a place of choice in their life.
Many people are looking for something more than the futile variation of the “journalistic crap” that has be given to us .
When there are so many layers of thoughts and feelings that goes into the vocation of those men and women.

Maybe you will never find how to describe the colour of the dust or the sand because it’s like everyone of us “a simple mystery” but this has coloured your life deeply.
You have been chosen!
So, let life take it course, be in the moment right here and now.
The courage will be there, where you are.
Enjoy it profoundly.
Madame Steele.

Québec city

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