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from a reader

I received this today from a reader responding to my piece, The Hazards of the Job. I don’t know this person. I am grateful. lately, I have felt the “burns” of this trade very badly. thank you reader for this. thank you. I am weary.

Poets are anonymous. Poets are misunderstood. Poets are unrecognized as they walk amongst us. We don’t see their deafness, their fears, their burns, their emotions.
You walk up the juice aisle—how many know what you do, what you’ve seen, what you’ve written, how you’ve translated raw life into words?
You are in a profession, Shakespeare to Frost and hundreds more I could name, whose work is considered irrelevant to daily life except to those who take time to pay attention. Or, sing or rap it—not thinking of it as poetry.
You are one of the exceptional, who not only sees but identifies human conditions and emotions normally hidden inside of others.
You and the centuries of other poets are God’s gifts to humanity. As essential as warriors and bakers, and no less burnt.

from Bev

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