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forever young

today would have been her 30th birthday. in that parallel world we would have gathered at her parent’s place. the clan.

there would be little ones. certainly at least one babe to be passed from arm to arm while we all toasted our girl & remembered the hot July day she was born & how her mother lay there & stared at the daughter she bore. in awe.

& her beloved (alive too in this parallel world), his hair blond & tossled, would get up & toast the beautiful one. then my brother would pick up his guitar & sing her favourite song & no one would sing Forever Young & we wouldn’t throw bouquets of white lilies onto the ocean. and the hole in our family’s heart wouldn’t be…

no, we’d laugh & drink & sing as we always used to do. before almost 4 years ago, one of our beloved & her beloved died.

& anyone who dares say “move on” or cruelest, “your family has grieved too much” just hasn’t a clue. but all the next of kin I’ve met these past years certainly do.

“the club no one wants to belong to” said a silver cross mother to me. her son, so full of life, forever young.

Happy Birthday Courtenay Jane. we miss you. we will love you forever.

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