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for the COR on his last day of service after 54 years

sms and COR somewhere in the Mountains with 2VP/Whistler/2010

Colonel of the Regiment on Op.

for Brigadier General Larry Gollner

I witnessed him gild citation, handshake
a broken infantryman lost decades—slipped
under seas of war’s mind injury—
restored. Lazarus of Medak Pocket.
Once a Patricia Always a Patrica;
the watery man’s shoulders curl in civvies
towards the COR—Godfather, eminence grise,
favourite uncle (or feared)—the vet’s eyes cleared.
”I’d go over. Work at Tim’s. Push a broom.
Anything. If they’d take me.” Solid salute.
COR releases him gently. Lets him swim home.
54 years rising through ranks like Artie smoke,
from cold warrior suit to silky Afghan cloak,
COR’s voodoo command sharp as bayonet. Soft as sand.

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