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Excerpts from May Day published in the U.K.!

the latest issue of Dream Catcher (v. 23) is out and some of my May Day project is in it. Dream Catcher 23, is a literary magazine published in the U.K. and available to order online or could be ordered through a bookstore I suppose.

Dream Catcher

the other current mag. that has the feature interview with me and 14 of my New Tans and May Day, is CV2 Winter 2008 issue (it came out in 2009!)

to order CV2:


eventually, there will be a book and a play, May Day, a book for New Tans, and a book of correspondence between me and other war artists, soldiers etc. that document this road to war, probably a CD of my readings and who knows? I have a few publishers interested but it’s early days…

and I still have to “deploy!” (then I need to get a job)

Charlie Mike

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The finest prospect a Canadian War poet sees, is the road to Edinburgh! (with apologies to Samuel Johnson). The scalpelled skyline and Robert Fergusson await once you doff your fatigues. I’m sure that publishers will be queuing up to meet you at the airport. Charlie Mike!

Jul 15 2009 · 13:32

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